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  • Drum Seminar!

    Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007 3:50PM / Standard Album / Members only
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    posted on Monday, Nov 16, 2009 9:21PM [Report]
  • KC86
    posted on Saturday, Jan 19, 2008 11:13PM [Report]
    just wondering how many tattoos u got there?? cool!! =)
  • davychan
    Official artist 
    posted on Thursday, Oct 11, 2007 10:52PM
    da biggest tomlee at tsim sha tsui!
    i also do it there....
  • RenRen
    posted on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 11:37AM [Report]
    Ooh...I love the snare drums. I used to be so mesmerized by the snares in the drumline when I was in high school.
  • musicnote
    posted on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 1:28AM [Report]
    where is TOMLEE music located at?
  • vivo
    posted on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 12:31AM [Report]
    'global'? interesting.. gonna go read up about it.
  • janechu
    posted on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 12:26AM [Report]
    =) cool....
  • danielchanok
    posted on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007 8:32PM [Report]
    Don't knew before you had a text body, very cool!


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