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The art of blogging...

.. Without blogging!!??

Man I'm bad at updating this supposed blog. One of my New-Year resolutions is to try and keep this up to date.

Just before the shift to 2009 I started official production on my new movie "Ud Af Moerket"( English translation "Through Darkness"). A gritty, raw action thriller. This is a passion project of mine as I wrote the script myself and co-direct it with my buddy "Mr. Tony Venganza" a.k.a Daniell Edwards. We will keep updates about the movie on our company blog-site:

www.rebelrowproductions.tumblr.com This project is keeping me very busy.. But it has been great working with old and new friends on this.

Shooting a feature in Denmark this time a year is a hell of a "mental work-out"!! It's dark, cold, sometimes snowy and let me repeat COLD AS HELL!! So keeping that positive vibe going is definitely a task! It does however give the movie a very raw cold look.. But man do I miss the weather in L.A!!

Training is the same.. I have to do a Jedi mind trick on myself before hitting the gym.. Trust me it's very easy just to stay inside this time a year.. I'm trying to imagine I'm going to go train in the park in North Hollywood...But here it's more like being part of Rocky 4.. The one with Dolph where he trains in the snowy russian mountains!!

I'm a bad advocate for the tourism of Denmark.. Some people actually love this time of year..

I can however recommend some Danish movies! One that impressed me a lot last year was "Walk With Peace Jamil" from director Omar Shargawi.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431842/ I'm also looking very much forward to the movie "Bronson" by danish director Nicholas Winding Refn..

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1172570/ Winding refn is the director of the danish crime trilogy "Pusher" which I think was major breakthrough in the scandinavian film industry.

Well that was my Copenhagen news for now;) Anyone wish some updates on the cool danish weather feel free to contact me:)



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I can't imagine living someplace that had actual seasons. Rain and sun in CA is all I'm good for. ;) Good luck with your movie.
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