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It’s hard to imagine a more picture perfect path to stardom than that of A-list actor DANIEL WU. Daniel has rocketed from a being a talented newcomer, to becoming a full-fledged box office movie star who easily headlines almost every project he’s involved with. And now, with more than 40 films already under his belt, a 2004 Golden Horse award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “New Police Story” and a 2005 Hong Kong Film award for Best New Director with his debut "The Heavenly Kings" as well as countless TV commercials and sponsorships at his doorstep, things only seem to be getting better.

Daniel continues to find new projects that demonstrate his on-screen charisma and wide range as an actor, a rare quality amongst his peers. This recognized ability to take risks as an artist has gained Daniel tremendous respect within the film industry as he continues to take on projects which push his talents to new and exciting levels, to the delight of his loyal and extensive local, regional and growing international fan base. A down to earth guy, Daniel is passionate about traveling, art, and music.

Daniel is represented by Revolution Talent Management in Hong Kong and CAA in The States. Daniel DOES NOT have a Facebook. is his only official page. His Twitter account is: @danielwuyanzu Weibo: | 很難想像,一個新人竟有這麼多幾近完美的影片,令他在短短的八年間,就能升上明星的位置。同時他的風頭也和他的票房一樣節節上升。他不但參演了32部電影,更憑「新警察故事」而得到2004年金馬獎的「最佳男配角」獎。片約不斷,廣告不輟,看來吳彥祖「明天會更好」。


| 很难想像,一个新人竟有这么多几近完美的影片,令他在短短的八年间,就能升上明星的位置。同时他的风头也和他的票房一样节节上升。他不但参演了32部电影,更凭「新警察故事」而得到2004年金马奖的「最佳男配角」奖。片约不断,广告不辍,看来吴彦祖「明天会更好」。


Interesting facts about Daniel Wu

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender male
English Name Daniel Wu
Traditional Chinese Name 吳彥祖
Simplified Chinese Name 吴彦祖
Member Since July 27, 2005
Fans 663,279
Profile Views 8,495,084

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Just sat behind two comedians talking shop on a flight. Most interesting conversation I've ever snooped on. Wasn't very funny though.

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“@ManMadeMoon: @danielwuyanzu Just wait till they see Gul'dan with his shirt off! ;)” What about pants off? ! Wait...that would be Porncraft

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ThrowbackThursday Here's an oldie but goodie. Bishonen my very first movie. Director Yonfan made me who I am today with this movie. I remember we shot this in planned shot right outside the production office with no lights, just a refraction board and a tripod. The stairs and steep hill behind created this cool perspective. Yonfan told me to walk up the stairs and look back. I did it once with a smile and once with a melancholy look. Who knew this would be the iconic final shot to the whole film. To this day I still think it's an amazing shot. Great framing, composition and lighting. #Bishonen #Danielwu #HongKongFilm #young #cinematography #HKpolice #Yonfan

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@AndreasDockFenc wlEarcarft is going to be amazing. Mo cap is cool but it's hard acting badass when you're wear tights everyday.

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“@keegansinghnyc: 👽💥🔫 @danielwuyanzu for interview mag styled by keegansingh”When did it come out? No one told me?

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Daniel Wu

Actor , Director

Gender male
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Traditional Chinese Name 吳彥祖
Simplified Chinese Name 吴彦祖

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