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Hedgehog and Re-TROS Live in HK 25 Oct 2008

Hedgehog and Re-TROS are coming to rock Hong Kong again at Grappa’s Celler (Jardine House Basement, Central) on 25 Oct 2008. 

It’s time for the Beijing rockers to seize back the stages after the closing of Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games. The live houses and festivals in Beijing are now bustling with noise and excitement. How about Hong Kong? Two of most popular bands from Beijing – the lovely Hedgehog and the mysterious Re-TROS to play one fanatical gig for Hong Kong fans, as Hedgehog’s vocal Zo said, ‘We won’t stop until you guys all wet!’.  

With a twelve-year-old alike little girl hitting the drums with explosive power, this young Hedgehog has drawn all the media attention when their album was out last year! They were invited to perform in different music festival as well as being featured in various fashion brands.  They soon hit the spot and became one of the most acclaimed indie-pop bands in Beijing.

The pioneering Beijing-based post-punks Re-TROSdelivers explosive, danceable, unsettling energy that leaves you unsure whether you want to take your clothes off and shake the spiders out. Last year, they played more than 20 gigs in their first US tour and have earned widespread acclaim from the international media.

In Beijing, Rock & Roll is becoming the new youth icon of chic and hipe.  If you walk along the famous hu tong street – Nan Luo Gu Xiang, you will always find the hippest artists and musicians hanging out there.  If you pop into any live house in weekends, you will always find people are pogo’ing with all wet clothes.  It’s time for Hong Kong to catch up with the capital rock scene, Hedgehog and Re-TROS are right here to rock you out of the blue! 


Date & Time

9pm, Oct 25, 2008 (Saturday)


one2free presents Hedgehog + Re-TROS Live in Hong Kong

Music Style

Indie-pop, Post Punk, Rock

Ticket Price

$220 (Concert only) / $370 (Concert+Dinner)

Inclusive of 1 standard drink.

Venue & Addr

Grappa’s Celler.Basement, Jardine House, Central.2591 0499


(852) 7776 0083 / info@cymmusic.com


Tickets are available at Grappa’s Celler and Whitenoise Records from Oct 11, 2008. 

Further information and interviews please contact:

Crazy Young Master Musickap@cymmusic.comHedgehog 

The audiences were totally blown out when they saw the twelve-year-old alike little girl hitting the drums with power just like a big man! 

That is the Hedgehog! When Zo, Box and Atom first met each other in 2005, they decided to make some noise & pop music! They called themselves Hedgehog, as it is a lovely animal and with cool personality that matches their music –being so happy when they meet someone they like; become a ball with spiny hairs and turn their back to someone they don’t like. Just so straight forward!

These Beijing boys & girl who create simple, hooky songs soon become the sexiest point in the capital city.  They said, “Our youth is so perfect, we don’t have time to waste! Let’s rock fucking crazy on stage and make noise to hit the world! Come on NoisePoP! Come on Boys & Girls!" 

Right after their debut album release in 2007, they showed off their

and stunned the thousands of audience crowd at different music festivals and live houses.This young Hedgehog has drawn all the media attention as well as being featured in fashion brands.  They soon hit the spot and became one of the most acclaimed indie-pop rock bands in Beijing. 


Band Members

Vocal/Guitar: Zi Jian

Bass: Box

Drums: Atom 


MV: Wink:http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v= XSl8SCwiy_8&feature=related

Live: Modern Sky Festivalhttp://hk.youtube.com/watch?v= 93sT-13NcgI 


http://www.myspace.com/ hedgehogcn

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Born in the shadow of post-Tiananmen nihilism, the collapse of state run industry and a desert that will someday swallow their city whole, this pioneering Beijing-based post-punks Rebuilding the Rights of Statues (Re-TROS) delivers explosive, danceable, unsettling energy that leaves you unsure whether you want to take your clothes off and shake the spiders out.

Once you take the first sip of Re-TROS’ music, you will find this is visceral music built from the bones up, think ubermench rather than Frankenstein's monster: beautiful, brilliant and brooding.

Drummer Ma Hui's rhythms still hold the echo of the earthquake that wiped his birth city off the map in 1976, while Liu Min's irresistible bass lines and staccato, strangely sensual yelps make you remember why you first fell in love with Blonde Redhead. Standing over it all, Hua Dong's shattering vocals and addictive open-fisted guitar stitch the flesh to the muscle like some demented monkey king. Even legendary composer/producer Brian Eno was so blown away he stood in on guest keyboards (we couldnt even make this stuff up, seriously).

Re-TROS’ debut EP was released in 2006 by Modern Sky Records. They played frequently throughout the country and gained a great appreciation from audience.  Last year they had their first US tour, traveled 21 states in 20 days included New York, Chicago, Texas etc. They have just finished the recording of their new full-length album, and it will be the most anticipated album of the year. 

Band Members

Vocal/Guitar: Hua Dong

Bass: Liu Min

Drums: Ma Hui 


MV: TV Show(Hang the Police)http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=APpmRDHOfbs

Live: Modern Sky Festivalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch? v=XM0bsHS1mSs&feature=related 


www.myspace.com/ rebuildingtherightsofstatues 

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