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A Big Loss To The World of Oceans Filmmaking

Two weeks ago the world lost one its most charismatic documentary filmmakers, cinematographers, and guardian of the oceans and their creatures. Mike de Gruy was killed on take off in a helicopter crash in Australia as he was scouting for a new film for James Cameron with producer Andrew White.I met Mike for the first time in October in France. We had brought him onboard as a key cinematographer and to act as sub pilot for our mission to explore the bottom of the Mediterranean for plastic rubbish for the Plastic Oceans feature film. Mike brought a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the shoot that made me, as a director, feel as though I had known him for a lifetime. He was greatly revered for his work and admired as a humanitarian. His large, impish grin will remain firmly implanted in my minds eye. His ribald limericks always delivered with a wink and a devilish smile.I couldn't say it better however than this tribute to the great man by another cinematographer and good friend of his. this article in the Independent on his life. Mike. You will live always through your films and it's an honour to have worked with you on ours.Craig

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oh man, that's so sad. =(
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