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Re: Peace and cooking recipes | 回復:和平以及烹飪方法

Peace boys and girls,

Hope everyone is chillin well!!

Things have been.. well.. busy.. as usual!!

In the post production of the 24 herbs album!!

Should be out soon!!

Last week and a bit has been quite mad!!

Was in Korea having meetings with "old boys" producer,

Week before we had hommie: Jin and Carl in town doing the armani bar show!!

Dope show!!!! Respect tou Pook Gai!!

Really happy to have producer Ted Chung from Snoop Doggy Dog's clan out doing a beat with 24 herbs for Murs's new album..

Check out the new album: Murs: www.murs316.net

Also got some X-Games training videos coming for the canto-speaking crowd!

Presented by X-Fed we have training videos for skate, inline, bmx and skimboarding!!

If you want to learn how to ride check them out!!!

Working on some film projects at the moment as well but will announce at a later date!!!

Recently we got a beefeater BBQ.. the shit!!!

Has anybody out there got some shit hot bbq recipes??

being Australian of course we can handle the bbq but would love to hear some shit hot recipes around the world!!!!!!

Please send them in.. we might even have your recipe on a cooking programme!!

anyway mouths watering talking about food!!

Look forward to hearing from you guys soon!!

| 愛和平的男生女生,

希望大家都好!!! 我還象往常一樣忙碌!!! 在做24 Herbs唱片的後期制作!! 即將出爐啦!! 上周有點瘋狂!! 在韓國和《老男孩》的導演開會, 再上周好友Jin和Carl在城裏做Armani的酒吧秀!! 很棒的秀!!!!崇拜!! 很開心Snoop Doggy Dog的制作人Ted Chung這次跟24 Herbs一起參與Murs的新唱片… 到www.murs316.net了解Murs的新唱片! 還拿到了廣東話版的X-Games訓練視頻!X-Fed出品:滑冰、直排輪、小輪車、淺水沖浪的訓練視頻!! 如果你想學怎麽玩就去看看吧!! 現在正在做一些電影的工作,但要稍後公布!!!!

最近我們得到了一個beefeater BBQ!!!棒!!! 這裏有人知道烤辣BBQ的烹飪方法嗎?? 作為澳大利亞人我當然知道BBQ要怎麽烤,但很想聽聽世界各地做辣BBQ的烹飪方法!!!! 請告訴我們…可能把你的烹飪方法做進美食節目哦!!


| 爱和平的男生女生, 希望大家都好!!! 我还象往常一样忙碌!!!在做24 Herbs唱片的后期制作!! 即将出炉啦!! 上周有点疯狂!!!在韩国和《老男孩》的导演开会,再上周好友Jin和Carl在城里做Armani的酒吧秀!!很棒的秀!!!!崇拜!!很开心Snoop Doggy Dog的制作人Ted Chung这次跟24 Herbs一起参与Murs的新唱片…到www.murs316.net了解Murs的新唱片!还拿到了广东话版的X-Games训练视频!X-Fed出品:滑冰、直排轮、小轮车、浅水冲浪的训练视频!!如果你想学怎么玩就去看看吧!现在正在做一些电影的工作,但要稍后公布!![if !supportLineBreakNewLine]最近我们得到了一个beefeater BBQ!!!棒!!!这里有人知道烤辣BBQ的烹饪方法吗??作为澳大利亚人我当然知道BBQ要怎么烤,但很想听听世界各地做辣BBQ的烹饪方法!!!!!!请告诉我们…可能把你的烹饪方法做进美食节目哦!![if !supportLineBreakNewLine][endif]

讲到食物就开始流口水!! 期待你们的回复!!

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Dsc 2026
saw u @ tvb 2 days ago... : )<
about 16 years ago
Conroy c0 conroy
reason I'm asking bbq recipes.. just doing some prep work for a cooking show!! So if you have a good recipe, we'll put it on the show and give you a shout out and possibly profile on the show!! so please spread the word about this!!! thanks ren ren, will definitely try it out!!
about 16 years ago
Conroy c0 conroy
bbq for now!!
about 16 years ago



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