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Hennessy Artistry 2009 @ Macau

I was in Macau last night with some friends for the fireworks competiton and more importantly watching SAMMI @ the Hennessy Artistry....

Too bad she only sang 4 songs...but nonetheless she looked FANTASTIC and she sang her new song 'ding ding dong', she's got a new dance routine too!

Well here's some pics to share with you guys....

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鄭秀文&24味 - 罪與罰(cd version

Yes finally another new song release from SAMMI's new album (release date TBC)...


罪與罰 - 鄭秀文, 24 Herbs

作曲: 陳奐仁

填詞: 黃偉文, 24 Herbs

編曲: 陳奐仁

監製: 陳奐仁



誰迫你認罪 炮轟你

衪這麼愛你 但你覺得衪討厭你

因此給你那罪惡感 拖垮起重機

衪只想教你 磨練更謙卑一個你

多反省你 對人對己 易犯禁忌




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TVC - Aug 09

Hi everyone!

Properly mentioned before that I was working on a TVC at the start of August, it's been shown on tvb already so now I can release some production photos to share with you all.

中國銀聯卡TVC...starring TVB's Brian Burrell (一哥), Jason Chan and Becky Li.

Location 1

Location 2

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觀自在菩薩  行深般若波羅密多時   照見五蘊皆空  度一切苦厄   舍利子  色不異空  空不異色 色即是空  空即是色  受想行識  亦復如是   舍利子  是諸法空相  不生不滅  不垢不淨  不增不減  是故空中無色  無受想行識  無眼耳鼻舌身意  無色聲香味觸法  無眼界 乃至無意識界  無無明  亦無無明盡  乃至無老死  亦無老死盡 無苦集滅道 無智亦無得  以無所得故 菩提薩埵  依般若波羅密多故  心無罣礙   無罣礙故  無有恐怖 遠離顛倒夢想 究竟涅槃 三世諸佛   依般若波羅密多故 得阿耨多羅三藐三菩提  故知般若波羅密多  是大神咒是大明咒是無上咒 是無等等咒  能除一切苦   真實不虛 故說般若波羅密多咒  即說咒曰 揭諦揭諦  波羅揭諦波羅僧揭諦  菩提薩婆訶

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Summer Special Party @ FEVAR

Hi ppl!

Not updated my blog yet again for sometime...I don't seem to have enough to say in this extreme weather of hot n typhoon time!

Anyhow, seeing me typing now, I must have something to update you on...

Found myself doing a freelance job which is the last thing i'll expect myself to be getting on board for...that is....




Standing on the streets of LKF on a friday night.....Read more

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blast to the past

sat 18th july...landed in london heathrow airport...after 3 1/2 hrs of travelling i made it back home (yes my home home), the feeling was strange and exciting. so many memories crossed my mind as i travelled throught the streets of my home town.

as i rang the door bell, my little one looked through the window with excitment and dis-believes...i was greeted at the the door with myself swept of my feet, then a big hug with someone in my life that always seem hard to reach. i saw the joy and close to tears on my beloved ones, that mome...Read more

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"黑妹"李麗霞好友金曲迴響演唱會 - This show was on for 2 days only, I had the previliege to be there for both nights of fantastic music...Good SHOW 黑妹姐!

I had the chance to be backstage with these lovely guests of "黑妹"李麗霞....




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HKTDC - shoot (stills)

Haven't updated for awhile as I have been treking to a few places and then the ill doctor got the better of me....yes crashed and out of the scene as I have been struck down by sickness....(it's okay, not swine flu!)...

Here's a few picture to share with you guys.... taken while I was helping out a HKTDC shoot at the HKCEE...

This is my favourite one...sleek n pro feel, don't ya think?

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i took part in the shoot on 19/6...8.30pm til 6am... @zaza club....Benny Chan's new film...starring Aaron kwok, Shue Ki, Terrence Yin, Cheung Ching Chor, Wu Jing....

Here's the set....as for me....i'm acting as one of the guest/clubberr/customer...

Terrence & Shue Ki with director Benny Chan..

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June 2nd...at 0500, yes this early! find myself in a thai boxing club taking part in a local movie film shoot...hehe...i got the easier life...as the other girls had to pretend to be learning thai boxing...as for me i was the receptionist who works at the club...but then again i do wish i was thai boxing, cos it looked cool, check out my pics and you'll see....

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