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About Cindy Wong

What's to say about Cindy?

Well, born in Hong Kong, moved to UK during her childhood, pretty much grew up as a CBBC (chinese born british chinese).

During 2007, a spell of re-locating herself to motherland Hong Kong, Cindy finds herself falling into the world showbiz. Starting out as an on-set movie translator for US film "Seventh Moon", Cindy finds herself exploring into a whole new world of fun and hard work.

Soon after, landing a job in the local TV station, doing English news broadcasting (off screen) and quickly jumping onto the world of advertising and becoming an associate producer/production manager.

Throughout this time, Cindy has ventured from off-screen work to on-screen work. Taking small roles in different commercials for external and internal broadcasting, as well as taking part in the movie industry (one particular - THE GALLANT 打擂台).

Currently noted as a Freelancer of all means - talent/PA/model/actress/producer/translator.

Interesting facts about Cindy Wong

Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender female
English Name Cindy W
Member Since December 28, 2008
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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Hong Kong
Member Since
December 28, 2008