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It has been a good while since I've blogged. I did try to make an entry few weeks ago, but something happened to the uploader, I lost all the stuff I entered, then soon after it was left alone until now. Today is the 311 HK artistes fundraising event for the JP victims from the natural disaster from last month and also, it's been 8years since our beloved '哥哥'Leslie left us for heaven. PLUS, is a day of celebration for my loved ones birthday! How ironic of such day labelled as APRIL FOOL!Anyhow, through the thick and thin, sad and happiness, we ought to seek through each day optimistically, and find our way through by the means seeking the good thoughts rather than the bad ones.As I've always said, life is short, we must make the most of it! Time passes by no matter where you are what you do, so be sure to use it wisely (if you can).These few weeks have been quite eventful, I don't think I have had such urgency in checking my email and fb inbox soooo frequently as much in these few weeks. Just because a friend of mine head to the danger zones of JP to complete some tasks for the after rescue work.The 7day trip turned into 3weeks plus, in that time, he went to the heaven's gate and back to reality. The 17mins that left his life in the balance! His team mate was not so lucky, this mission he lost his life in saving many many more (we should salute such unamed hero), for my friend, he was fortunate to survive.I took this from his note to share with you all -“Isaac San,Isaac San。”醫生呼喚著我的名字。     “我這是在哪裡?”我在心裡默默地問。     睜開雙眼的瞬間,好光,隆隆的聲響不住灌入我的耳內,伴隨著一種不穩定的感覺,我迷迷糊糊覺得自己好像是在直升機艙裡,陽光被雪白的積雪反射,仿佛上帝的恩典那樣溫暖。     這是怎麼了,我努力回想,却只看到混沌的黑暗,模糊的身影,瘡痍的大地。我渾身無力,只覺呼吸間隱隱作痛。     ......     我漸漸恢復意識,仿佛剛剛從天上掉回地上一般。醫生告訴我,痛楚來源於肋骨骨折,和軟組織內出血,但是生命暫時沒有危險。骨折是因為心肺復蘇術時的重壓造成的。     之後,我又知道了這樣一個事實,心肺復蘇術能夠救回的案例至多只有25%,而這25%的人之中通常有35%-40%的人會面臨腦死亡活被送入ICU。然而現在的我,泡得溫泉,食得拉麵,上得網頁,仿佛重獲新生,我從內心深處由衷覺得,是上帝在冥冥之中助我一臂之力,使我煥然重生。在氧氣斷絕之後,我整整在混沌中徘徊了17分鐘,17分鐘也許對一般生活中的人而言,也就是一盞茶的功夫,而對於那時毫無生命跡象的我而言,17分鐘,足以把我推向更加黑暗的深淵。  一定是慈愛的父不忍過早將我帶入他的樂園,要在人間給我更多的試煉,方才給我重生的機會,在我人生的畫卷上留下了一筆濃墨重彩。父的箴言總是呼喚著我、慰藉著我,在耳邊不斷迴響:“我赤身出於母胎、也必赤身歸回.賞賜的是耶和華收取的也是耶和華。 耶和華的名是應當稱頌的。 ”“我雖然行過死蔭的幽谷,也不怕遭害,因為你與我同在;你的杖,你的竿,都安慰我。”窗外皚皚的白雪必是上帝讓雪天使送來的恩賜,也許正是這份禮物,讓我的頭顱在那悠長的17分鐘里免於腦損傷(brain damage),之前,我還滿口抱怨那刺骨的風,現在想來羞愧不已。人在包羅萬象的自然界中,真的就只是滄海一粟,在歷史的長河中,真的就只是匆匆過客,真的。     此刻的我,百感交集,心中充斥著對生命的感悟和對生活的反思。                         有博愛廣之,                        萬物之奇妙,                        天地之精華。                        人微鄙渺小,                        中蜉蝣凡埃。                         母仰天一嘯,                        長 堤潰如山倒,                        天 上陰霾不散。                        問世間何貴?                        最 貴當爲自知。                         朝初日最美,                        等明日再賞,                        作 古遺憾不留。                        更惜眼前人,                        中千秋知韻。      一切的一切令我知道, 我們不可能操控什麼.... 大老闆(The Almighty Heavenly Father)真的早有安排!!! 衪有聆聽禱告, 把我帶回來, 讓我成為活見證. 在這, 我感謝所有曾為我代禱的朋友 。     所以, 無論你是未信或者丟下信仰很久.... 只要你是真心真意祈禱, 願意試著打開心房接納主的愛時, 大老闆是會聆聽你的, 從而安排最好的給你. Nothing to lose after all, right? You will find God is Great! God is love!  The reason for me to live is to praise Him, spread HIS good news (Gospel), and Worship HIM!!! Emmanuel!****For those of you fortunate and care to read through my blog, i sincerely thank you, and may all the blessing of warm and cherish be with you and loved ones.让我们一起为地震伤亡中的人们祈祷:祝愿生者早日恢复健康,死者往生佛国净土。 南无阿弥陀佛! 南无阿弥陀佛! 南无阿弥陀佛!

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thanks for the update. sorry to hear about your friend's teammate. =(
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