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Hey there! AGAIN, not blogged for awhile, been too much updating through my weibo and a bit on twitter! Have you guys followed me on there yet? if not, you know what to do! (there's link on my AnD blog page)So stepping towards the end of May, what have you all been upto? Hope all is much of asked for! As for me well, routine seems to sum up where I'm at now in life. Planning ahead, but not too far, making the most of everyday, enjoying the laughs and struggles we face with now and then.Looking forward to watching 不在样你孤单...guess, I'll share some photos with you all -the much missed place of all time...LIVERPOOL, UKi took a trip there, and so much memories came rushing back, although it rained on that day but that didn't put me off at all.this part was new to me, as the last time i was there, it hasn't been built yet! so, hence photo time..hehe

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