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Saturday April 21st @ 6:30pm-8:30pm

The Venue: Silk Road Cafe 30 Mott St.

NY, NYhttp://www.nycfivepoints.com/filmworkshop.shtml Request12 minutes Short (written by Jinoh Park) 

Jinoh Park is a graduate of the NYU graduate film program.  He is currently working on some feature scrīpts.  Some of his work had been featured in the NYU First Run film festival.  "Request" was previously shown at the Sundance film festival and the Cannes Film festival. Too Young to Die (67 Minutes Feature)

Directed by: Park Jin-Pyo

Starring: Park Chi-Gyu, Lee Soon-YeToo Young To Die is based on the true story of Park Chi-gyu and Lee Soon-ye, a man and woman in their early seventies who met, fell in love, and then rediscovered sex. The couple, who play themselves in the movie, seem little different from a couple in their twenties. They tease each other, fret about their hair, take snapshots of themselves, argue over trifles, and leap into bed with unabashed frequency. Indeed, watching them forces you to rethink all your stereotypes of what it is to be old. First-time director Park Jin-pyo has filmed this work with great skill, humor, and tact. If his film seems shocking, it is because it challenges the narrow attitudes that many people have towards the old. Many treat the elderly as if their feelings have grown dim, just as people might lose their hearing. Watching this film is like a shock of cold water. And yet surely no one, not even the people who banned it, could look at it and call it pornographic.Park Jin-Pyo has a film playing at Imaginasian theatre now:Based on the true story of a murder that remains unsolved after 15 years:

One day, news anchorman Han Kyung-bae's nine-year-old son, Sang-woo, disappears without a trace. Then, the kidnappers nerve-wracking phone threats begin, demanding a ransom of $100,000. When Han's wife, Oh Ji-sun, calls the police, a detective with a secret investigative unit and forensics team takes on the case. Despite their efforts, the cunning kidnapper makes a mockery of them as he slips through their dragnet and tells the parents of new methods to contact him.Click here to get show times:  http://www.theimaginasian.com/nowplaying/index.php

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