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Hello tomorrow

 After a agonizing week of packing and moving, I am now in Hong Kong.  The pain of moving my whole apartment down 5 flights of stairs throughout out the last week is still a scary memory, but being in Hong Kong now and relaxing for 2 more days is making me feel much better about my decision to move. It's amazing how much I had gathered in my life, each piece a memento of the past gone by.  All these last remanence of my past are now stored away in a 10 by 12 storage for future nostagia.  I only took 2 suitcase with me so I don't feel totally complete without all my possessions near me.  It's funny how things we own become an extended parts of ourselves and an external piece of memory.  Losing them would be like losing part of ourselves.  But when do these things of the past that we possess start to possess us?Well, besides these pieces of me left in suspension f or indefinite storage, there are many friends and places that I'll miss from the NY area.  I didn't realize what I was going to miss until the last minutes before my flight.  But there are also many new things to look forward to here too, and for the first time in awhile I feel that the future is bright and open.  So for now the past will have to wait...  and Tomorrow.. here I come.hk-dawn 

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