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AnD BYOB picnic (late post)

I guess I have missed the chance to post a blog about the AnD BYOB picnic now that BYOB is all over.  But my OCD side tells me that I still need to post something for it, so here's a pretty irrelevantly late post.  Next week, I will blog about the Olympics... the summer Olympics back in Beijing.

The picnic from what I can remember started about 3pm with a tour of the BYOB exhibit and ended at the 'Stage'.  I would've recommend you to go check it out, but it's all over and is being taken down now, so you will have to settle with the pictures instead.

Inside BYOB, this Peacock welcome the guests to one of the installations:

Inside, you can walk through this geometrically deformed tunnel stitched together with zip ties:

Here's a bench that's built around a tree.  It's customized for your relaxation:

There was also this nice apartment built to float, I think Patrick's apartment search is over:

That is until Sean broke in and was caught:

We all ended up at the stage and had our picnic until the lights turned on:

The End...

Oh wait, there are more pictures.  These pictures were taken on my superheadz digital harinezumi camera... a few weeks before the picnic.  Here 's the camera:

And here are the pictures it takes:

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