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72 hr Film Shootout (reminisce)

Some of you may have noticed the 72 Hour film shootout banner above and question what that is about.  If you haven't heard of it before, it is an annual film making competition that challenges teams of filmmakers to write, shoot, edit a 5 minute video within 72 hours. 

It seems like a long time ago, but I participated in this competition from Hong Kong just last year (from JUNE 20-23, 2008), and managed to get the film done over a hot humid weekend with very little sleep.  It was a fun and productive weekend.  For all you participating this year, good luck and have fun. 

Here's the video from last year.  It's interesting to see it again and notice all the things I wish I could corrrect, but it was written in the morning and shot same afternoon.  I was just happy that it got finished on time.

All you Simon Yin fans may noticed that his name is in the credit too.  Simon was actually in Singapore (before arriving in HK) at the time of the shootout and I asked him to shoot me additional footage so that I can edit it into the final film.  I actually asked the same from a friend in NJ and a friend in Seoul to do the same.  But in the end, I only used the HK footage due to the time constraint, but it was still an international effort since I had to skype the final video file to a friend in NYC so that he can physically deliver the tape before the deadline.  I love digital filmmaking!

Here's the promo for this year's shootout.  You can noticed they used a shot from my video.  May be you can spot the HK scene in this.

The 6th Annual 72 Hour Film Shootout Promo from AAFilmLab on Vimeo.

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