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Burger o'clock. ??? @cookin_bae

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A night of white. #Arenabyzerve

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My model is back in town. ?❤️ Photographer: @christylaiii Assistant: @gregorywong

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I was in AWE when the examiner actually praised me in the end of my driving test. Okay, it still seems unreal to me (or everybody?) but this lucky girl nailed it with one take! Thanks especially to my beloved tutor Mr. Wong and also sponsor from #LEEKIN ?

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Hi, new toy. Snap, print and share. Early Christmas pressie from #Polaroid #PolaroidHK @stefaniemak ?

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Cutie, I want you so badly. ?

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探輝爺同埋呢兩個可愛女人班? #導火新聞線

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My Merci Chocolate TVC was just out, both in China and Hong Kong. Spot me on TV. P.S. I missed the times back in Shanghai during this amazing shoot. I can't wait to get back into my working mode. @starzpeople ❤️

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And sometimes, just sometimes, when people say forever, they mean it. ? #famforlife

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? X 2 @hachill #HACHILL

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