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A night with my Starz Family?

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My motto as always: cherish every moment before it becomes memory. P.S. the sun is always the best lighting, isn't it? ⛄️

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我寶貝呢個caption,寫得真係好。 但係 @gregorywong 就話: Oh no?

Repost @stefaniemak with @repostapp.

・・・ 今晚第一次坐黎小姐車,真係緊張過坐火箭 lol 點知又揸得幾好,以後星期一晚就由妳送我番屋企啦?

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?/?/?? New passion: @cookinbae Muah: @alicelee307 @starzpeople Make up: @vincitsanggggg @vinciwinki Hair: @skywong @lamodsalon

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The question I asked the most last night: Where is our birthday girl @inez_leong ??❤️ #kissynight

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Happy Friday Night Everybody. ? #juststarted ❤️: @starzpeople My queens: @starzkate2 @ceilingleong @alicelee307 Make up: @vincitsanggggg @vinciwinki Hair: @skywong

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A little machine that allows me to share my adventures to the world. @wifiegg ?

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我家的經理人其實也是我棒棒的攝影師??❤️ Muahmuah: @starzpeople @starzkate2 Make up: @vincitsanggggg @vinciwinki Hair: @skywong Looking forward to your photos: @simon_c

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Shooting day for this lil bunny. By the way, this app is way too fun. #兔仔牙 ??

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Cook with all my heart. ❤️ Recent passion: @cookinbae Muah: @starzpeople @alicelee307 @siulingtze727 Make Up: @vincitsanggggg @vinciwinki Hair: @skywong

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