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A printable I made for my Y3 students of a 24hr timeline. Includes every minute of the day. Space to write digital… https://t.co/hLmssAE6DS

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Y3‘s 24hr timelines show the duration of everything they do to the minute! Y3’s chose their favourite weekday. Both… https://t.co/B2qZ8Mwi0C

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Enjoyed today's performance by the Tin Ma Music and Opera Association during our school assembly! @VSAHKG https://t.co/NYPr6kB4v9

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In the final for a #Vans shoe design competition. It would be awesome if you could vote for me. https://t.co/MEvpgDpwt1

StandTogether #Equality #ImpeachTrump #ThisIsNotUS https://t.co/VD6p02QJOL

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@realDonaldTrump Only a true leader goes on Twitter to brag that he hasn't watched much tv lately.

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RT @TED_ED: Find out how fracking works and why it is a source of such heated controversy: https://t.co/rPbOd6SzFC https://t.co/XKTSMfEamb

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RT @21cli: .@chrisgadbury empowers you with skills to tackle global & social challenges through #storytelling at #21CLHK. https://t.co/ld7I…

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@Maker_Mark @HarbourschoolHK Congrats Mark! Your gonna love it here, the art scene is taking off. I teach Art in Hong Kong too.

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P2's create illustrations by tracing old magazines adding bright colours to make them their own #pypart #pypchat #ib https://t.co/hx5WDShLxq

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May 10, 2008

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