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I am finding this video very interesting whilst researching #artassessment for my #PGCE at #UniversityofSunderland https://t.co/W4QlHETuGv

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RT @WuKaiSha: “25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago” by @DariusForoux https://t.co/MWeQdGTb8A

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@timneedles @CreativeLive My template explains where to join each limb. 6 Y/Os can do it too https://t.co/rQKb0wHhk8 https://t.co/rlciT4BXxL

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Brilliant writing on Assessing Student's Artwork. #artassessment @theartofed https://t.co/N85GHG4W9w

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I made a #fashiontemplate DL it! Learn to match colours, design clothes, patterns, textures! https://t.co/8eNgDFXl5L https://t.co/kTWHgSfd3Y

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I traced around the eyes, mouth, nose and ears of some of the most famous Picasso portraits. Colour, cut and stick! https://t.co/9q3qIx3RSX

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I just wrote a blog post 'There’s no App for a great Art Education.' https://t.co/5GviW07h8f I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this

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P1 and P2 Illustration Club. https://t.co/vfM5oy0ODB

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Beautiful P5 illustrations. https://t.co/PpAAq9tYRA

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If you can read the word, you can try score a goal. Suddenly the boys in my support class can read loads of words! https://t.co/or3hbqjsAt

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