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Year One student’s floral pattern designs on display. What a talented group! #artteacher #pypchat #pypart https://t.co/56YHlMZJMT

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RT @TED_ED: Happy Birthday to Marie Skłodowska Curie who was born #OnThisDay 151 years ago. Here's a look at some of her most revolutionary…

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American Friends please VOTE like the planet is depending on it. I've made several simple and friendly children's s… https://t.co/m0rjIrXLb6

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Created some new logos for VSA’s #MakerSlamJam and upcoming #STEAM events. @mrkpyp #logodesign #artteacher #maker https://t.co/aEVklOYBfQ

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Visual note taking from todays PD on Conceptual Inquiry #pypchat #conceptualinquiry #inquiry #sketchnotes… https://t.co/zPmGRexql5

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Year 1's draw sunflowers through careful observation. The trick is to get them to draw just a quarter of a sunflowe… https://t.co/WdxUUwUCoR

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End each lesson with a quiz question about the lesson. When kids know it's coming they pay extra attention. This… https://t.co/P21wOVr2dR

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If you are in Hong Kong there are some great Art Exhibitions coming up. Stay tuned to my Art Lesson blog for updat… https://t.co/MgCi3XYXwo

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Free PYP & Global Goals Posters on my website https://t.co/WDbBTwg0g1 #printables #elearning #edchat #ibpyp… https://t.co/RK9NSqpcq4

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RT @mrkpyp: Please share your experiences during #TyphoonMangkhut on this @padlet so we can learn about the effects #Mangkhut has had on ou…

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