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TV SERIAL / Variety Programme

1984 •Youth •The Awakening

1985 •Man From The Past •The Unyielding Butterflies •The Young Heroes

1986 •Man of Valour •First Step •The Sword and Song

1987 •Airforce •Moving On

1988 •The Last Applause •Teahouse In Chinatown •Ups and Downs

1989 •Magic of Dance •Turn of the Tide

1990 •The Village Hero •Navy

1991 •Behind Bars •Private Eyes •The Last Swordsman •The Legend of a Beauty

1992 •Women of Substance

1993 •Heavenly Beings •Endless Love •The Great Conspiracy (China, Singapore Collaboration) •Angel of Vengeance

1994 •Web of Deceit (China, Singapore Collaboration) •Young Justice Bao •Thunder Plot •Men on the Edge •The Challenger (China, Singapore Collaboration) •Silk and Romance (China, Singapore Collaboration)

1995 •Heartbeat •Heavenly Ghost Catcher (Taiwan Production) •The Shadow Mission

1996 •Kungfu Master 1996 •My Destiny With You

1997 •The Royal Monk (China, Singapore Collaboration) •The Gods Must Be Rich •Sword and Honor (China, Singapore Collaboration)

1998 •The Royal Monk II (China, Singapore Collaboration) •Driven By Cars •Back To School

1999 •Legends of The Eight Immortals •Form The Medical Files •The Legend of Ne Zha (China, Singapore Collaboration)

2000 •Madam White Snake (Stage Production) •The Legend Swordsman (China, Singapore Collaboration)

2001 •Beyond The Axis of Truth •The Hotel •My Genie

2002 •Bukit Ho Swee •Devil¡¯s Blues •Kopi- O II •No Problem •Health Matters II

2003 •Holland V (150 Episode) •Run! Men •A Toast of Love

2004 •Chi Zi Cheng Long (China, Singapore Collaboration) •Double Happiness I & II (150 Episode) •True Hearts 2004 •Hear Charity Show 2004

2005 •Cai Xin Mian Shou (China, Taiwan, Singapore Collaboration) •Love is shanging •A Child¡¯s Hope III •CID •Love @ 0¡æ

2006 •A Life Story (CH 5) •Let It Shine •Mars Vs Venus •Long Hu Yin Xiong Ji (MDA Production)

2007 •Kinship (80 Episode)

Charity Events •NKF Charity Show (1997 - 2005) •President Star Charity Show (1997 - 2005) •Heart Charity Show (2000 ?2005) •Communality Charity Show (2001?004)

Awards / Achievements •1988 - Top 10 Male and Female Artistes ?8 •1995 - Heavenly Ghost Catcher won Taiwan highest viewers award •1997 - Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in Star Awards?7 •1998 - The Royal Monk won China Golden Chicken Award, Most Popular Oversea Production

Movie •2002 - The Fighter •2004 - One Last Dance •2007 - The Junction

Interesting facts about Chen Tianwen

Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Hokkien,Mandarin
Location Singapore
Gender Male
English Name Chen Tian Wen
Traditional Chinese Name 陳天文
Member Since December 4, 2007
Simplified Chinese Name 陈天文
Fans 45
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