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music always the motivation which give life meaning.and if,by chance or fate or the blessings of the generous universe, u are meant to be workin' in da field.try hard to make it enjoyable, no matter wat comes up.sticking to dis book these days, it gives me strength to go on.a genius like Lang, a very dramatic n hard work story behinded. every beautiful thing got  a tough experience behind.its touching. its definitely a revolution.meanwhile, many ppl surrounded are the heros to make the "miracle" happens.maybe..its like a journey of a thousand miles, bt..who cares?fighting is the key.n here we are!go n get it. make it loud n make it proud![](/attachments/2010/01/20/20/346301_201001202003012.jpg)10 months later, again! the crew comes around n  stand as one.everyone is counted. getting ready n hyped.spirit remains high like the days we first met.c ya guys n make the fabulous flashin' bling!luv n blessed,lil maine

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excited 4 you and great pic
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