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"SUPERHEROES ON STRIKE" Halloween parade 2008 (NYC)

OK, this is an official invite to the NY AnD artists to join our Halloween Village parade on 6th Ave. I don't want to make it into an event since we have already quite a big group from other social networking site with my closer personal friends (Yes, that one!) and I have no idea how to send invites to only NY's artists. So here it's on my blog!!!

Here's what we posted:

The theme will be "SUPERHEROES ON STRIKE"! (Oct 31, 2008)

What's this!!?? Well, we are going to be superheroes...superman, batman, spiderman, X-men, pokemon, the slutty cat woman...Any superhero that got super power and their duty is to save the world!


On Halloween day, we are pissed! We have been day-in day-out saving the unfair world but we demand this unfair world some fair treatments to us, the superfriends! We want benefits, we want vacations, we want 401k, we want dental care, lower mortgage rate, we want reasonable expectations...We are going to march on Sixth Avenue to unite our frustrations to protest to the humans! Enough is enough!!!!

So far with confirmed and Maybe guests are around 80 people. For those lazy readers, here's the quick summary:

A. 7pm-Meet up at Naked Lunch (17 Thompson St at Grand) for some drinks. It's only one block east of the parade starting area

B. 8pm-Walk down on 6th Ave to protest (6th Ave and Grand)

C. 10:30pm-End at Dusk Lounge (147 W 24th bet 6th & 7th). Look for the Chewbecca at the door. With all these pissed off superheroes? The night is going to be ugly!!!! ;-)

Be ready for a lot of screaming and yelling!!!


A. Remember you have to be a superhero. Or at least make your character super or related to the stories. You can think outside of the DC and Marvel. Think Manga or cartoon if you are lack of ideas.

B. Make a protest signage...this can be signage on a stick, banner, cardboard, t-shirt, headband, hat...Make a funny statement. Usually all those stupid mundane corp america complains are all good!***

C. We are going to hire a photographer for the evening so that you don't have to carry your cam in your tights. We will offer $100. Please donate money when you see Charlie or Pam. Just a couple of dollars would do.

Here are some suggestion to trigger some brain juice flow...

. Superman "I am Superman, not a Multi-tasking man!"

. Robin "No more shaving!"

. Aquaman "Show me some respect! I don't just talk to squid all day long"

. Wolverine "Stop calling me for your kids' haircut"

. Cat woman "I am no pussy!"

. "Better 401K and new stapler"

. "Bank holidays!"

. "OT!? OT!? OT, again!?"

. Cyclops "Blue Cross Blue Shield should cover my eye-drops"

. Mystique "I don't work on rainny days"

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=30878501451 (You need to login to see this)

Ping me for any questions!!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dowBQgSatAw&feature=related

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
Awsome Idea. I will be in NY at the time. I want to see how I can participate. I would probably be jetlag since I land on the 30th, but may be I can work it into the character;)
over 15 years ago
Photo 83304
Chung. Love to see you there. Be sure to make it to Naked Lunch between 7-8pm. Seeya!!!!
over 15 years ago
Photo 83304
Are you going to the sushi bar Azabu downstair? The best sushi that I ever have in NY.
over 15 years ago
Photo 83304
Both! The quality is ridiculous! I went with my Japanese friend. She is an expert of sake and sushi, of course. We walked out very happy. And our wallets are much lighter.
over 15 years ago


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