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Pendulum live at Websterhall (NYC)

Finally have a chance to experience Pendulum live. The energy was crazy! They chose the 100% live band format for their music these days. Honestly, I am not truly buying into the live format for this genre of music. It lacks of the complicated programming DRUM and nasty filthy BASS. Two essential that established the foundation of this genre. It's more like a rock band with synths. The drummer merely playing dancefloor friendly breaks without any flare and breakdown. There are amazing drummers out there can completely do amen breaks live and more. I enjoyed the show but the rock version of "Hold You Color" is nowhere near the massiveness of the original recording as well as many many remixes. I was desparately seeking some bass that going to turn my stomach over.

It's good show. But it's one of those "at least I saw them live" show. Sigh!

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It's actually a very good show! But the rock format would still work if they use more samples on drums and bass. I still had great time. Just not the best that they can be.
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