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New version is kind of done!

Alright...my eyes can barely open...

New version of my site is finally up, well, kind of... Still got a few glitches but good enough for me to have some time to social again. I designed in a way that optimize for speedy updating for my photoshoots. I have spent many many months to tweak and improve my workflow. The whole reason for me getting back to my true love of photography is to avoid spending all my waking hours in front of my computer. But my yet-to-be improved workflow just kept me cross eyes every night. If I committed myself to be a photographer, I would like to work on post in lightning speed like a true pro. Even I can claim myself more a photoshop artist but "Me and my G5" is not the lifestyle that I desire. I rather shoot more beautiful girls, sexy men and sipping Queen's Park Swizzle at PDT (Shhhh.....Please don't tell!).

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