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A few questions...

To some of you who have been following my work and development know that I have started a photoblog on tumblr (not this blogspot one) on provocative fashion since last June. It has over 700 postings to these days. It's walking a fine line between fashion (what you see in Vogue and many fashion magazines) and glamour (Maxim, FHM, borderline Playboy).


I am doing a little survey in helping me to develop new ideas. I appreciate if you can spend a little bit of your time to answer the following as comments. Answer as much as you can but no need to answer all if you don't want to. Please comment anonymously so that you can freely express as will without any reservation.

  1. Are you a male or female?

  2. Do you think the images on the blog feel different from anything that you have seen from the internet and magazines? And how?

  3. Do you find the images offensive? And how?

  4. From your own gender point of view, what would you like to see more? Or see less?

  5. Answer this if you are female. If you could freely express yourself provocatively/sexually in photography, how would you describe the images?

  6. Anwser this if you are male. Why would you choose to come back to this site over other sexually explicit sites?

  7. If this site requires a small subscrīption fee, what would be the reason(s) that you are willing to pay over all the free content in the internet?8. Links to any images that you like?

BIG BIG THANKS!!!!!!!![](/attachments/2010/04/13/12/83304_2010041312030110.gif)

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What? I'm the only one? 1- Male 2- Not really, for the most part they seem like just a little off-center from the usual fashion editorial. Those that stood out seemed like personal work or from people I knew already (like Unwerth) 3- Not one bit. But maybe I'm not the right person to ask that. 4- I have a major interest in photography, so my gender isn't really relevant, but being a guy I have to admit I probably spent more time looking at pictures featuring boobies. 5- 6- I'm already following a bunch of similar sites on tumblr or flickr, not any more explicit than that one but I think they're more to my tastes or feature similar (if not the same) posts. 7- No, see #6. 8- I didn't keep track. It would be nice to have proper photographer credit though, see what else they did.
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