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My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

KevJumba and his dad Papa Jumba are back with another episode of My Dad is Asian. Topics for this episode include saving money, Bruce Lee, & enrichment. KevJumba shares his money saving plan with his dad to save thousands of dollars by quitting college and making youtube videos. (This never goes over well with Asian parents.) With his acting career on the rise, KevJumba gets some tips form Papa Jumba who shows him some Bruce Lee moves. You know your parents are Asian during summer. Summer isn’t for fun, it’s for enrichment of your mind with more classes. Year round education for you. Finally, medical bills aren’t cheap, so they come up with a way to save more money.

My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

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