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Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Singer Starr Salazar released the track “Forever A Blujay”. Blujay refers to Jessica Sanchez fans worldwide. Jessica’s got a dedicated global fan base. The last verse is packed with the names of the songs from Jessica Sanchez’ album “(Me, You And The Music”. You can get the single FREE here.

Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Lyrics to Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar


I’m proud to be a blujay

I’ll keep on working hard, stay humble

Inspire the crowd, yeahh

I’m never givin’ up on my dreams

I will keep on flyin’

Forever be, forever be a blujay


It’s about time people to know who we are

We’re the blujays fam, reachin’ for the stars

We’re the best fan base and nothin’ can compare

Coz we keep it real like a family always there

We’re a team and you know we got each other’s back

Just work hard, stay humble is what we gotta understand

Let us all live by the motto everyday

Once a blujay, forever a blujay, yeah!

Never giving up, even if we’re at the top

Sky’s the limits, but we wont, wont, never stop

Goin’ higher! Shout out to our twitter fans

Come and reach the sky with us, never land

The facebook love, well yea, its always happenin

Thanks to IG followers, double tappin’

You made us #1 from a humble heart to another

We’re the Blujays Style, We exist to inspire


Wings spread, eyes open, yeah we’re flyin now


Jessica brings her fans inspiration

Every step to success is a double celebration

Jay, its only RIGHT TO FALL for you, coz YOU’VE GOT THE LOVE

TONIGHT, GENTLEMEN and jessbians are lining up

You’ve got em IN YOUR HANDS, stuck like CRAZY GLUE

You’re like a FAIRYTALE, coz NO ONE COMPARES to you

You travel around the globe, but we’re always by your side

We won’t just DRIVE BY, we’re your blujays for life!

You’re voice so flawless, all your songs so sick

Radio hits, define ME, YOU & THE MUSIC

Started from the bottom, now here we are

Reachin’ for the stars, now you’re a star

Flyin’ over the world, blujays domination

We’re the gonna inspire the crowd is what I vision

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