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The Side Effect of a Confused Mind

Delusive mind in progress (2011)

I´ve been working on an album cover for a while and now we will send it for approval at the censorship board. Since we don’t know yet how and when the album will be released I will only let you take part of the sketch/outline work for the cover. The concept, from my perspective, was to capture some kind of delusive mind, a result of late nights and confused thoughts. It is the stage between awake and asleep, a period where everything seems clear even though you might be dreaming.  I’m very happy with the cover and I hope that the guys in Side Effect like it too. You should check them out at www.facebook.com/5ide3ffect .See this as a teaser before the big takeover.

Delusive mind (sketch)

Also, I’ve been working hard in the studio for the upcoming exhibition. So far I have completed about 25 pieces and aiming for about 10 more before the opening that will take place in December/January. Details will come as soon as everything is settled but I can ensure you that the exhibition will come with a fresh breeze which portraying the contemporary BETA versions of existence. Here is one of the pieces in progress…

Like Father, Like Son (2011) in progress

Hope I see you at the opening

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