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I just became member of Flattr. It is a community using micro-donations to support various forms of creative people. I am very new to it but I really like the idea that I can choose to support people I think make amazing stuff, online or elsewhere. As an (broke ass) artist it also gives an opportunity for people to give economic support and appreciation of my work. Not everyone like or have the opportunity to buy art but still like to support artists and creators and Flattr seems like a great solution. So I suggest you register as a Flattr member and start spreading your dineros because people like me are dependent on you!

It is easy. If you like a new paining I have done or a post I wrote or something else, just look for the Flattr button (see icon below) on my page and click. Done!

Also, don´t forget to book the 1st of June for the opening of my upcoming exhibition at Urban Artroom in Göteborg, Sweden. So far I have 13 complete works which I would love to show to you. More works are in progress and all the details will be announced in a near future. Hope I see you at the opening!


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Your investment is my playground....visit me at www.capism.se

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