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Dull, Dirty and Dangerous

I meet an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle aka drone) engineer not too long ago. Before he quit his job he told me about how he was developing self-improving and intelligent communication systems between drones for search and rescue operations. His research was later sold and handed over for further research to the US military and that is when he resigned. I don´t know this guy very well but his decision made me happy.

US Airmail, 2012, ink on paper, 52 X 74 cm (Sold)

I just sold the first piece from a new series I am currently working on. The working title for the series is “The distance of war” and this one particular is called “US Airmail”. When I made this painting I was inspired by the drone engineer and how he explained about the potential of drone technology. It was frightening to hear about it and I instantly got this image in my head which later became the painting. I have also been following Obama’s drone fetishism during his presidential period and with a new election in the air I guess we all can expect more dull, dirty and dangerous missions by drones in a world where soldiers becomes more and more distanced to the war. And with distance between each other, regardless of peace or war, we dehumanise ourselves. Maybe I should start corresponding with pen pals overseas. Reconnecting the world. The drone could help me with the search for pals because soon it is not much left to be rescued.

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