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Goodbye LA...????

So...16 Mar marked the last day of my internship at children's Hospital Los Angeles. Here is a card my dear co-workers at the Artist Program made me :>how cute  note the kids dancing around with their IV poles  On another note, finishing my internship at CHLA  marked the end of my study over here in the US. After almost 3 years ,I am DONE!!!!!I will be graduating in Apr!!!!!! 'what's next?' some  might ask...Here is what's next so far......I've booked my ticket to return to HK in late may.... 'for good?' some might ask....well.... however long 'for good' means for this free spirit :P for those who know me and have kept track with my record, it's easy to find my tendency of going away for a few years and then back to Hong Kong for a few before taking off again  anyhow, more detail as in how am I gonna perform AND be a Dance/Movement Therapist at the same time in Hong Kong . Basically putting the most 'unpopular' or ' unheard- of' career choices of HK into one and try to make a living out of it .... O well... Stay tuned then  OH I almost forgot!!! I'll be singing at Balconi Cafe on 5 Apr with Poel Poel will be starting at 730pm and I'll be on sometime between then till cafe close at 10pm. No cover charge, so come and see us and say hello/ goodbye as it Might be my last show in LA, or at least for awhile Balconi Coffee Company11301 W. Olympic Blvd #124,  Los Angeles, CA 90064Alivenotdead link  about the event http://www.alivenotdead.com/candylo/Balconi-Coffee-Company-featuring-Candy-Lo-Hang-Yin-event-1778381.html?r=andhpeventsmallFacebook link about the event https://www.facebook.com/events/161737853947012/

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