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Watch This Part Deux

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqumbhfxRo

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Hottie Help

Hi everyone, with everything going on I forgot to mention  I uploaded a new photo gallery of our past guests on Hottie Help.  Each week we bring on a new guest and talk about a topic pertaining to women's safety.  In this episode we discuss safety for moms and kids.  These episodes will be available as 2 IPhone Apps next month.  

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Thank you Etchy

Thank you Etchy; I really do appreciate it:


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Christmas in Beverly Hills

Good morning everyone, tomorrow I begin pre-production on a new film, "Christmas in Beverly Hills".  This is a light-hearted comedy about a family that visits Beverly Hills for the holidays.  I have one of the lead roles and will be shooting from Tuesday  through the next two months so I'll try to take a bunch of behind-the-scene pics for you to see.  

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Another Memory of Felicia Tang

Good morning again everyone, another fellow blogger here on AnD just sent me a blog comment about Felicia. This is from Jlb02486 and I thought everyone would like to read what he had to say.  Thank you Jlb02486 for taking the time to comment to one of the previous entries:

Dear Candace,

I considered Felicia to be a friend of mine and I hope she considered me one as well, but perhaps I am just flattering myself. In today parlance we were Internet friends. We met about 6 years ago. She was fun, joy, life, love, ca...Read more

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Here's the Los Angeles Times Article

Good morning everyone, I was interviewed this week for an article about Felicia Tang in the LA Times.  Here it is:

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/homicidereport/2009/09...Read more

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My Newsletter

Good morning everyone, I publish a quarterly newsletter for my family,  friends and fans.  Here is the one for autumn:




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Memories of Felicia Tang

Good morning everyone, as you know I put out a quiery yesterday for people to recount their memories of Felicia Tang.  People have been sending great stories. Here is an email from a line editor at Bloodfire Studios:

Dear Candace:

  I am most saddened to hear of Felicia's untimely passing.

 It troubles me to hear th...Read more

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