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Memories of Felicia Tang

Good morning everyone, as you know I put out a quiery yesterday for people to recount their memories of Felicia Tang.  People have been sending great stories. Here is an email from a line editor at Bloodfire Studios:

Dear Candace:

  I am most saddened to hear of Felicia's untimely passing.

 It troubles me to hear th...Read more

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The Los Angeles Times newspaper

Hi again everyone, today I was contacted by the Los Angeles Times newspaper and gave an interview regarding the unfair depiction of Felicia Tang in the media.  I don't know when it will come out, but I think the reporter is sending me a direct link.  So I'll post it as soon as I receive it. 

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Did you know Felicia Tang?

Good afternoon everyone, I'm asking people out there if anyone was a friend of Felicia Tang's.  I am devoting the October 4th show of Hottie Help to her and I'm looking for first hand accounts of how wonderful a person she truly was.  If you have any Felicia stories, please send them to me here and I'll choose some to read on...Read more

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31 Doves

Good afternoon everyone, I just got the okay to post something here in my blog from a very close friend of Felicia's.  I did not attend the funeral.  However, she went and described how beautiful it was.  She wrote:

Thank you for sharing. I just got home from Felicia's funeral. It was a beautiful service.  The family held a mass at their Catholic Church.  During the service her mother spoke of he...Read more

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Thanks Etchy

I just noticed Etchy has also posted a blog entry from Singapore about Felicia Tang.  I wanted to link to it here for those who would like to see it:


Thanks Etchy and more to come in the next entry.

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Felicia Tang CBS News Website

Here is a comment from Achillesgirl on the CBS News Website.  She encourages everyone to go there and place a comment regarding the media's unfair depiction of Felicia Tang as a porn star.

by achillesgirl

            September 19, 2009 12:02 PM EDTSammy

Rose Saltzman: please check your facts (and photographs) before posting a "news" a...Read more

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More Felicia Comments

Well, I can already tell this will be a big blogging day for me.  I wanted to add some more comments here from the Facebook from other people speaking out about the unfair portrayal of Felicia Tang in the media.  Stay tuned for more updates as I receive them.

DanielRight on Candace for spreading the truth.Yesterday at 1:29pmRead more

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Felicia Tang RIP

Read more

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