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My First Blog...ever!

Just had another long day in the office. More problems. I guess it is a norm with the music business nowadays. Nobody buys CDs anymore & digital business models sucks (except for a few countries). Everyone wants a piece of the artist management but nobody understands what the artists wants and how to help them fulfil their dream.

Everyone talks but nothing change...

No point preaching about work. I still love it. Still have great acts from local and international. Have good relationship with some of them as well. Real perks of being in the industry.

Everyone says, GOOD MUSIC is everything! It's actually 101% true but does anyone really cares about the people behind the scene that formed the way the money is shared? Is it fair? Long story that one. Maybe on my future blogs.

So, how should my first blog be about other than whining. I guess sharing music preference should be a good way to start. So, what is my all time TOP 10 ALBUMS? Been thinking about this now for a while (a few years actually). What constitute a good album. I know many people who will claim they like certain artist album but when I ask them to name tracks other than the singles, most can't tell me anything. So, I tell myself, a good album is an album that 1) I know the first song to the last 2) I still listen to them until now 3) It's not a greatest hits. This actually came to me when I start converting my CD collection (I do have quite a few CDs) to my I Tunes library. At first, you just dump everything in. And then, you then start to hate some if not a large majority of songs when your library is in the thousands and start deleting them. So what's left. In no particular order, here are some of my all time favourite albums.

1) Depeche Mode / Violator

2) Radiohead / The Bends

3) Duran Duran / Seven & The Ragged Tiger

4) Yazoo / Upstairs at Eric's

5) Tears for Fears / The Hurting

6) Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell

7) Kajagoogoo / White feathers

8) Human League / Dare

9) Pet Shop Boys / Please

10) Coldplay / Viva la Vida (yes, it's new but it's definitely my favourite followed by X&Y)

11) Keane / Hopes & Fears

12) A-ha / Hunting high & low

13) Ultravox / Rage in Eden

14) George Michael / Faith

Oops, did I say Top 10?

There are also many close calls but most failed the 3 criteria test above with acts like U2, Visage, Spandau Ballet, New Order, Madonna,  Damien Rice, Linkin Park, Muse etc. 

So, there you go, my first blog..ever!!!


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