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One Arm Bear- HK Live Interview

I didn't really know much about these guys before I went into the interview, except that they are from Canada. Yeah I looked at their myspace, facebook and their official website. But, I couldn't get a feel for specific questions to ask them that would make this interview more interesting for the viewers. So, unfortunately for you lot I just ask all of the rudimentary questions, trying to get an understanding of the guys sitting before me.

You know what I found out, that they are really nice guys. We ended up going to have dinner with Randall from Choochootv and all of the members of One Arm Bear. We exchanged stories as we ate and had a good old time.

Turns out that these guys are testing out HK waters to see if the band scene here will happen for them. So, I wish them good luck in their endeavours.

In one of the stories, it turns out that Mati had seen my band when we played at the TST Outdoor Carnival. He continued to follow my band through alivenotdead and myspace. And he mentioned lots of nice things about us, which made my head swell abit. Makes me a little bit sad that I will not be there to see their live performance.

Anyway, enough about me. I really hope you enjoy the interview.


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