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My interview with Nick Dynamo from 108 RECRORDS

Sorry I didn't post this one up earlier. I have been busy lazing around the pool and working out so that I can get rid of some of that baby fat off me.

I did this interview the day after the one with Quan, but obviously because Quan was priority ONE in my brain I forgot to mention 108 Bandits straight away.

Now, this guy, Nick Dynamo, is a very interesting guy. He has a very particular way of talking which can be quite addictive. Haha! He just won't shut up, which is cool! But, you can see me struggling at times asking him questions, because I thought he had finished what he was saying, but oh no, he interjects and keeps on going. (shaking my head) :)

This interview has a different feel to it to. It was done in Nick's warehouse apartment that he also uses for professional photography. I didn't get to ask him, but I wonder whether there was any naked pictures going on there. Well, he is an Emcee. Just would seem fitting if there was. Damn. Now I am gutted I didn't ask him that question.

Anyway, please enjoy the interview.


Interviews coming up at the end of the month will be with Dear Jane , One Arm Bear and In Love and Pain

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Sorry everybody, I didn't realise that the clip wasn't working until now... enjoy!
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