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I will be guest MC for Sushi Robot

I am very excited to be going to this weekend's underground for several reasons. One reason is because two of my friend's bands will be playing this evening. Kowloon City Strike Force and Sushi Robot. I am more excited about the later band because they have asked me to be a guest MC for their set. Though, I am mainly there to support my KCSF for their first Underground show.

Sushi Robot play live electronic dance music and need someone to do a little bit of a rap over top. Last night we had our only practice together and it went really well. Though, I think there will be alot of cussing when I am unsure of what to say.

Being an MC is something that I have never done before, so I hope I do alright. I prepared some lyrics, but then realised when I got to practice that I wouldn't be needing them. I just got to hope that the right words come out naturally. I think alot of the things I say will be repeated over and over, but I guess that is the kind of music that I am supporting.

The guys from Sushi Robot, Cla and Simon, wanted me to MC for more songs. But, I think I feel more comfortable just coming up for one or two songs and saying abit of shit. So, I will come out around the start of their set for one song and then get off the stage. Though I am welcome to stay up a little bit longer if I want to. I will come back towards the end of their set. I think I do the best at the song at the end, so make sure you stick around for that one.

The only thing I haven't thought of yet is what to call myself. MC Cain? MC MAC? CMC(my initials)? MC ANUS? I don't think it is important really as I can't see myself doing this again in the future. I am more of a singer, than an MC. But, who knows hey. This is just for fun and that's what I intend to have lots of. Yes, yes, I am sure to be tanked(drunk) too, before I come onto the stage. That's the only way I can be sure to be loose and ready to spit out random shit.... haha!

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