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I sing in Cantonese... thanks Paul for your inspiration

*踩界(Chai Gai) by FBI (黃貫中(Paul Wong) cover)

Tuesday, Nov 25, 2008 7:13PM

What's so special about this cover is that I get to sing in Cantonese again. So, I really want you guys to have a listen. It is done in the studio and recorded by my Ipod, and yes, I use a piece of paper, otherwise I won't be able to remember all the lyrics. Though, the chorus is starting to kick in.

I want to play this at one of our next shows... probably at BACKSTAGE on the 13th of December when we will play with Meg. But, I will still have to use a piece of paper, kind of like Karaoke style... hey, but so what... at least I pronounce the words well enough.

Here is the link to our webpage on www.mp3.com.hk/fbi where you can look for 踩界(Chai Gai) by FBI (黃貫中(Paul Wong) cover) 

I really hope you enjoy this because I have been working so hard on it. There will be another Cantonese song to come in the near future too, that we may also play at BACKSTAGE.

We want to give our audience at BACKSTAGE some diversity... and guys! we forgot to practice the Rock Christmas songs. Hell YEah! It's almost XMas and almost my bday so we are really going to give you a present this Xmas. Our music and our diversity.... and more importantly, a gwailo who sings in Cantonese.

You love it!



Note: The CDs are selling really well, so make sure you get to one of the stores mentioned below and get your copy. If they are sold out you may have to steal or kill for one. So be quick. What a good christmas present to give your loved one. Some Man Love! from FBI

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