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I am the HOST of HK Live on the 6th of December

It's all happening for me. I am going to be hosting the next HK Live! event which will be held at The Fringe Club on the 6th of December.

HK Live!

I have had some practice in the last two shows that FBI performed. Sabrina was so kind to let me introduce the bands at SHOUT OUT , especially my friend's band called, The Kowloon City Strike Force, a band to watch out for. I also was the MC for the first show presented by Archmusic which you can say is a spin off of FBI itself, run by Archvictor(our guitarist) and his girlfriend, Tu Yi Ka. The show was a great success and the other bands, Karat and The Lovesong were awesome. Thanks to all the people who stayed around to the end, cos it started late and ended even later.


I was a little nervous and maybe a bit drunk when I introduced the first band Karat. Though, I only had one or two drinks. I haven't been drinking so much lately. Or is it that I have been drinking so much that only one or two drinks increases the blood alcohol level in my system. Anyway, I was so excited that I hit my hand on the PA system above me as the crowd roared after my excellent introduction. Laughing to myself, I was glad I did it then, not at HK Live! when I will be more serious.

HK Live! this Saturday is going to be so awesome... cos I will be there, of course. Haha. Ok ok... stop getting a big head. There will be three great bands playing (who I have never heard of) but I am really looking forward to seeing. They are:

A Roller Control ( www.myspace.com/arollercontrol)

UNiXX ( www.myspace.com/unixxunion)

This Is Pop ( www.myspace.com/thisispop)

The show is being brought to you by Agnes B Sportswear, or is it, Agnes Sportswear B. I am going to their store this Friday to pick out my outfit. I am not allowed to keep it, I have been told. But after I have sweated through the fabric I don't think they will want to take it back anyway.

So, what a good oppurtunity for me. I have always wanted to be a presenter and now here is my chance. There maybe more chances for me to do it in the future and I am so excited about that. I have already been asked whether I will be available for HK Live on Jan 3rd, but I am unsure of my Xmas travel plans as yet. But, if I am here I would love to take the oppurtunity.

Just want to say thanks to all the fans and those people who have been reading my blog. Your suppport keeps me going. I have 40 fans already. Wow! I can't believe it. Especially cos I talk alot of shit and don't have many pics. I rather paint a picture with words. But, that can be a little bit boring for some people.

I have had over 6,000 clicks and I feel like I am just nobody (a JT look alike I keep being told)... well compared to FBI's clicks that are over 50,000, 6g seems like such an insignificant number. It's hard for me to write for both blogs, but I am trying to give the reader here a more indepth and personal feel to my writing here. I am lucky I am helped out with the FBI blog by Archvictor and you can probably notice our different styles, I give a title for the blog and he doesn't. haha. I hope you enjoy and continue to support me... and of course, support FBI!!!!

FBI til I die!

Just hope it's not anytime soon... lol!

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good luck!!
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