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HK Live + Adult Asia Expo

So, last Saturday you may have known that I was the MC for HK Live! Well it went really well. I didn't hit the speaker with my hand I and I did what I could to increase the atmosphere. Though the bands, Roller Control, Unixxx and This is Pop did a good job of doing that themselves. I looked super smart in my Agnes B Sportswear, a change from my FBI uniform which makes me look a little fat. The clothes that I was wearing on this night were quite tight and it hugged onto my toned figure, except for the tummy. Why is everything else so buff, but it is so hard to get rid of my stomach fat?


I was really happy to have this oppurtunity to MC for HK Live! and I am happy to say that they were so impressed with my performance that I will be doing it more often. I will MC for the next HK Live on the 3rd of January and there is a possibility that I will host a few more in a row. So, I am really excited. I will have to go back to Agnes B and try on some new clothes for the next show. I wonder what they have got in store for me next time?


After the show I headed to Jungle Bells at BACKSTAGE and watched my mate, DJ WillPaul, break it down and spin the vinyls. It was great stuff. The first time I have seen him live and I must say, I was really impressed with his stuff. He was on at 3am, so it was a struggle to stay up that long, but when he was on I couldn't help telling everyone, "That's my mate, DJ WillPaul!" Next thing you know the whole crowd are screaming his name because they loved his beats so much.


Another thing I couldn't help doing while at Backstage was pointing out the FBI picture to everybody and saying, "That's me!" How chune (up myself) I know. But, how can I feel like a rockstar if I don't get the recognition that comes with it... haha. I felt so proud that my poster was on the wall and possibly got a few more people to come to the show tomorrow night.


The next day I got up early and went to Macau with my girlfriend. We went to see the Asia Adult Expo which I have to say was a little disappointing because it was so small. Smaller than my.... hmmm. Anyway, talking about hmmmm... the best part of the day was getting our own portrait from Pricasso who paints with his hmmmm. You got it. And we got to watch him while he delicately painted a portrait of us. Here it is...



I had a good talk with him and asked him so many questions about his form of art. Like.... Does it need to be hard to do it? NO, actually it makes it harder. Then, he went on to say how some girls want him to do body painting and then they shove their bare bums in his face and he says, "Nope, can't do it.... it's too hard!" hahaha. Does it hurt? No, he was complaining of a toothache more than anything.... poor guy. How did he come up with it?He didn't get into much detail, he just said that he was messing around one day and voila.


While I was waiting for my Pricasso to dry I met up with Grace, the host of Channel Adult, and I took a picture with her. I told Grace that I was one of her fans and she loved all the attention I gave her. Thanks to my girlfriend for taking the picture for me.



Here is another picture my gf took of one of the models and myself at the show.



I took a picture with the Aussie blonde bombshells and my girlfriend took a picture with the Bad Boys Australia, but they are not on my camera, so are not here for your viewing pleasure. I found out why they are really Bad Boys cos they made my gf touch one of the guys hmmm.... it was all in jest, so I tried not to be jealous. After all, my gf was mature enough to walk around and be embarrassed by my reaction to the event. The Bad Boys actually put on the best performance on stage, better than the blonde bombshells who didn't even take anything off... so disappointed. Only got this catwalk photo of one of the babes.



Another highlight of the stage performance was being taught by a Japanese porn legend (some guy...haha) how to use the golden fingers properly. I got a good lesson from him and hope that I was listening correctly. Some people from the crowd got to go up afterwards and try and show their stuff. The winner won a mould of his golden figures. Very funny!


There were stalls exhibiting all kinds of sex toys and most of the guys behind the counter were Japanese, making it quite a difficult task to communicate to them. Luckily my girlfriend knows a little Japanese. I know a little, but only all the dirty words, which I used on them and made them piss their pants. Just imagine a white guy speaking your language and saying 'blowjob, sex, pussy etc. etc....' in your own language. Anyway, lots of fun and something different to do on a Sunday afternoon. We left the show and went home. Both of us were sexxed out and even though it was a small event, it was really enjoyable.

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