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Heal the world- MJ will live in our hearts forever

Thinking about Michael Jackson's tragic death brings tears to my eyes. He has been such an inspiration to me and to many many people in the world. I remember when I was in Primary school and I performed dances of MJ's routine in front of the school.

One in particular I can remember doing was the song 'Black or White', having listened to the album , 'Dangerous', non-stop. I did the dance with a friend of mine who later played footy with me and would sometimes say, "Remember when we did that Michael Jackon song together?" Of course I would never forget. Though, he didn't say it out loud in front of the other footy guys.

My Primary School teacher also loved MJ so much that he used to make us sing some of his songs for school performances and assemblys. That's how I learned how to sing, trying to mimic Michael Jackson's voice.

I remember going to family parties and trying to dance like him. I was actually much better at it when I was younger than I am now. I guess I had less inhibition. Everybody would try and do the moonwalk.

Even though some of his music like, Thriller, were abit before my time I have been able to appreciate his music. I was suprised that my band wanted to play a cover of one of his songs. We sang 'Smooth Criminal' at our EP launch party to surprise people, my voice has gotten much much deeper since I was young and I couldn't do him justice during the chorus, but I gave it a go anyway. It was so much fun to sing one of his songs. It did all the ows and everything.

I never really knew what to think about all the hype about him being a kiddy-fiddler. It seemed possible, but we all hoped it wasn't true. He always thought of him as just a little kid in an adult's body. He never really got to grow up, which is really sad. Of course he enjoyed the company of children because he missed out on having a childhood of his own. He wanted to share it with them.

We all wanted to go to Neverneverland. We all wanted to meet him. The closest that I got was that when I was 13 I skipped the last day of school to go to work as a Roadie at his concert the day after he performed in Perth. I know what you're thinking, 13!!! Yes, my friend and his older brother's friends went along and they asked if I wanted to get some paid work. I thought I would go and see if I could do it, not knowing that I would be the smallest and the youngest one there. I thought they were going to tell me to go home because I was too small, but they let me have a shot at it. I did just as much work as everyone else. We took the stage apart and cleaned the floor of thousands upon thousands of glitter. I lifted shit and I could do some shit that the other bulkier guys weren't suited for. I did my part and I earnt my money. What I remember the most is that MJ's Head Roadie was this tall Jamaican guy who was always smoking a joint. It was one of my first ever jobs, and a memorable one.

Going back to Michael, he will be missed deerly. Dying of a heart attack at such a young age... c'mon 50?!! There has to be some reason there. Is being the King of Pop not all what its cracked up to be. So much media, so much stress, could drugs have been an influence? Too much plastic surgery? Shit Michael... you all know we were happy with you the way you were, you didn't need to change anything. We all saw his plunge from stardom and we all hoped that he could make it back up with his comeback tour. I was sure hoping to get to see the legend in concert again. But that will never happen now. I feel so sad. The POP ICON has died today. God Rest his soul!!


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