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Dear Jane + In Love And Pain HK Live Interviews

Tonight is going to be a great night. We have One Arm Bear, In Love And Pain, plus Dear Jane rocking it up at HK Live! Too bad I am in Australia at the moment and I am going to miss out on it. It will be the first time that I haven't MCed this show in 9 months. If I was in Hong Kong I would be definately there MCing the show... and what a show it is going to be. The line-up is great and I get to meet up with all the  bands first hand because of my role of interviewer at Choochootv.

You already have seen the interview for One Arm Bear. Now get ready for the next installment- we have the interviews with Dear Jane + In Love And Pain.

I especially enjoyed interviewing Dear Jane and as you can see I was able to do alot of research about the guys. ( As if I didn't know enough about them already) :) I found that there were so many good questions and even more good answers. Unfortunately for you we had to cut up the 20 min interview and give you the highlights of the best questions. I was told that it was really difficult to edit this interview as there was so much juicy stuff in it. Dear Jane are the most famous HK Indie band that I have had the pleasure of interviewing so far. And you know what, they knew that I was the singer of FBI. Yeah! Just hope my band can have as much success as Dear Jane in the near future. They are going to rock HK Live! so you better be there!

My interview with In Love And Pain was just as good. These guys are good friends of mine and I know much about their band and have seen them many times. I have even done a review of their performance at the Melting Pot for the Underground. If you look into the previous blogs that I have done you will be able to see my review of them. Knowing alot about the band really helps me when it comes time to do the interview and prepare the questions. Once again I was able to make the interview a little bit more interesting by developing some questions that were more specific to this band.

I hope you enjoy the interviews... here they are!

Dear Jane HK Live Internview


In Love And Pain HK Live Interviewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmvbxfs_9jA


Oh and by the way. You know there is a competition going on to get to see who will be Linkin Park's opening band... Well, I really hope that you can vote for my band, FBI, because we really want the oppurtunity to support a famous band. I will have to cut my holiday short to come back on time, but it is well worth it. So, don't forget to vote for FBI!!!!

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