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Some of you may have heard of a new online tv station called Choochootv… some of you may not have. Well, if not, I am going to open your eyes.


Choochootv has a ever growing list of shows that cover the arts, stand up comedy, indie bands and funny gag shows. Most of these channels use Cantonese as the medium. But, there is one show that has started in the last couple of months which covers HK Live! events and predominantly uses the English medium.


I have been lucky enough to help the guys out from Choochootv with the interviewing side of things. Since it’s conception I have interviewed four bands that have played at the HK Live! event.


Just want to let you know that my job as a MC at HK Live! as nothing to do whatsoever with being an interviewer for the HK Live! channel. But, I thinks it works well together as the audience as some continuity between the introduction at the shows and my interviews with the bands.


Last Saturday night I was asked to MC the HK Live! show once again as they are still yet to find a sponsor. That means there is a possibility of me doing more shows in the future, but it is not guaranteed. At least I know I will still be working for Choochootv for the time being.


The guys at Choochootv have been so impressed with my work that they have even asked me if I would be interested in hosting another channel. The show premise and details are still up in the air and we are just toying with the idea at the moment. Show concepts have ranged from interviewing famous people to a what to do in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Hong Kong kind of show.


Anyway, I won’t get too ahead of myself. So, let’s go back to the interviews I have done with Choochootv so far, and let’s recap and review them.


1.     Poubelle International-for the ‘tester’ we interviewed PB during the HK Live! show after their set. I had some notes with me as this was my first time to interview a band, but shortly discarded them as Ben, the lead singer, made fun of me for using them. It was great talking with these guys and people still comment that it was a really good interview. Only one thing is that I was laughing at my own jokes because I was a little drunk. Otherwise, I thought it was great and had a really good time chatting with the guys.




2.     The Sinister Left-with a name like that you know that these guys are going to be really serious and not as easy going as Poubelle International. Not to their discredit or anything. We did the interview at the studio which created a different atmosphere than the previous interview. So, I can understand that it can be a little bit daunting, especially for me, since I have been to this studio in the past as a interviewee, not an interview. The guys were really nice though and I enjoyed talking to them. I don’t know what was going on with my voice though, maybe it was the microphone, but my voice sounded so high pitched than normal.




3.     Twin Lobster-are a bunch of guys from the Philippines. Unfortunately for them there were not too many people too stick around by the end of the show. But, to their credit they put on a fantastic show despite it. I was really dreading doing this interview as it was at the end of the night, I had drank lots of whiskey cokes, and I thought that they may be a little disheartened due to the lack of crowd. But once again, they amazed me, this time with their personalities as they came across as really nice guys. I had my notes with me as usual, but I shied away from using them as the conversation flowed very naturally. I had such a good time talking with them, I decided to go out afterwards and get even more drunk with them.




4.     The David Bowie Knives-the most recent interview was with a band that I am more familiar with. These guys played at my (FBI’s) EP release Party. Once again, just like with Poubelle International, I had a great time talking with these guys as they were so easy going and fun loving. I knew more about them so the questions that I asked were more tailored to them, which proved to be an interesting conversation. As with most of the other interviews I talked to the band for around 15-20mins, but it is cut down to just over 5mins worth. There were so many other interesting things that we talked about that didn’t get to the final cut. Which was a bummer. After doing the interview I was really pleased with my own performance. But, I still can see a few errors due to nerves and wondering what exactly is the next question to ask. I know these things are only minor, but I have a very high expectation of myself and know I can do better.




So, that’s it so far. Make sure you go and have a look at some of the interviews that I have done. Unfortunately for me, I missed out on doing interviews with Juicyning and Supper Moment because they wanted to conduct them in Cantonese. So, Andrew Kam filled in for me for those interviews. I am sure that in the future that I can take this role and ask them the questions in Cantonese, but I just wouldn’t be able to understand the answers… that’s all. Lol.


I just want to make a note that I have actually studied Journalism in University and now I am finally able to utilise the skills that I have learned. It is great to get some experience with Choochootv and I hope that one day I can join this field permanently, not just as a thing on the side. Thanks Choochootv for giving me this opportunity.


At the same time, and this is for my band members (who probably don’t even read my blog). Doing all of these extra-curricular activities does not mean I want to take away from the band. I am just following my dreams and my interests in the hope that one day I can quit my day job as a Primary school teacher and do something that I enjoy most, which is being a tv personality, presenter, journalist and actor. I have so many things that I am interested in and I have the opportunity to pursue them.


But, FBI will always be my first priority and the friendship that I have made because of it means a lot to me.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. I have enjoyed writing it.




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