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A rant about nothing and everything

Turns out that the other guys from the band read my blog about the taxi driver and so last night at band practice they consoled me, told me not to worry and that all Hong Kong taxi drivers suck. Which is not entirely true. I have had some really nice taxi drivers. Some who don't speak a word of English, but see I can speak a little Cantonese so attempt to have a conversation with me. Even though I don't understand 100% of what they are saying, I can make all the small talk and I fill in the blanks for all of the rest. It is really good practice for my speaking and listening skills.

Anyway, I do appreciate my bandmates supporting me and giving me comforting words. They once again prove why they are my Man Love. Haha. As I leave practice and jump in a taxi home they tell me to take care and beware of the taxi driver. I laugh in appreciation.

You know I don't like to bitch about things... lol,  too much. But, actually more controversial topics like the one about the taxi driver, get more people to post their comments. And I love reading people's comments, it makes me feel loved. LOL! Plus writing a little bitch in my blog helps me to deal with those things I cannot stand, but am powerless to do anything about.

It is not like I dislike Hong Kong. Totally the opposite. I love HK, but there will always be things that really gets on my nerves. I guess I have to take the good with the bad. I don't want to leave HK anytime soon because my dreams of becoming a rockstar will die forever. Only with FBI do I have the chance to be something more.

FBI is a stepping stone in my life to bigger and greater things. It is me following my dreams and pursuing what I enjoy most in life, entertaining people. I can already see results in that I have scored myself a job with HK Live! as their MC/Host, whatever you want to call it. And later in this month I will give reviewing a try when I review the Underground show at The Melting Pot.

I hope that the year of the Ox can bring me more fortune. I would really like to give acting a try, even if it is an extra in a commercial or something. I just want to experience it. Though, I know I need to have more training for film because I am more suited to theatre because my facial experssions are too animated. It really shows that I studied theatre arts. How then, do I make the transition from theatre to film? I don't know. I guess I got to go back and study acting for film.

One thing that I really want to do is make a music video for our song 'Man Love!'. I have already come up with the concept, but really want to write the script down on paper and hopefully I will get a chance to film it. I really need someone's help to film it, as it is very difficult to be the director and star in it at the same time. Plus I don't have much money to put into this venture, as all of my money has been put into the financing the EP. One of the things I need to consider is hiring a bar to do some of the shooting. So, I am looking at the best place ( a bar ) to film the majority of the video.

I also want to record some more songs for FBI, so we have a copy of the B sides (the songs that didn't make the EP), so I can practice and sing along with them. I especially want to make the FBI rap song so that people can hear the diversity in our music.

Anyway, it is enough for my rant today. Hope you enjoyed! Keep those comments coming!!!

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