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Love this stream of thought. #TaiwaneseCassetteTapes https://t.co/wcoNZbS6iH

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You need to watch this! @Justin_Ching https://t.co/mmC8fLQmlJ

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I don't know why Coach K has this look of concern / constipation on his face. As if, Coach. As if...

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Soccer should just always come down to a shootout! #BrazilGermany #Olympics2016

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We hit our goal!! We're going into overdrive with stretch goals. Keep the mo' going! Mahalooooo! https://t.co/rncK4g01UG #snakeheadmovie

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Bloodshed today, folks. Probably not the end of it... https://t.co/aUnEaTUDjt

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Watch Project Underdog. Great story. https://t.co/tCFcYImIsA

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Well that blows. For many reasons. https://t.co/GJU7Ypj4gm

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What's going on with Culver City eats?? E. Borough gone! https://t.co/HT6RTOXz7b

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Love this cover @TIME. 👏 https://t.co/RLdrFisFDo

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