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@TheCFong And why I like OSU.

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@BabySealCIubber https://t.co/1pPnekMXJc

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Christmas musings - the Knicks need to stop being an Xmas Day game just cuz they’re NY, the Rokit sponsorship for t… https://t.co/dCUxzpQz4p

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I AM AQUAFAN. Holy sheet, @aquamanmovie slays!!!! Love the story, visuals, casting, and most of all, setting… https://t.co/8PlLeLNSyi

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@MsLynnChen Happy bday @MsLynnChen! Congrats on a a great run with the platform!

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@Toasilva11 It totally would. I just happen to think a Titan/Colts tie is more likely than the Ravens choking at h… https://t.co/xFOZX788re

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Great column. Gives you perspective how this game - winning and losing - is truly one of inches. That said, it st… https://t.co/EE1uQJXPEt

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You were 7-2-1 and now 8-6-1, @steelers. Be real. The story has been written, Ben. #SofterThanTeletubbies https://t.co/tjNLTCPb5E

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Yep, it killed us. No doubt. But I love the way JuJu accepts the blame and resolves to be better. This season wa… https://t.co/QzTTdnYBg8

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June 28, 2007

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