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hey yah!!!

Brandon Khoo a MAPEX drums endorsee is a Prog metal/metal/Rock/Pop drummer who plays drums the hard rock band THE UNXPECTED featuring SHIRLYN TAN and UN53A featuring SARA WEE in Singapore and Extreme Metal Band WAR ENSEMBLE and was the drummer for the now de-funct Progressive Metal Band "APHELION"

He discovered his passion for rhythm and drums at a young age. At 11 years old, he began taking drum lessons in a music school. For the next 2 years, he received training on the fundamentals of drumming from teachers, after which he embarked on the life-long journey of learning the finer aspects of drumming on his own through magazines, books, videos and as well as learning from other drummers. After years experience and hard work, he has attained recognition as an accomplished metal, hard rock and pop drummer. He is especially well known for his hard hitting style, fancy double-bass work and flamboyant showmanship.

Currently, he plays regularly at a club called Wala-Wala Cafe and bar and Balaclava on these respective dates

< Mondays - UN53A (WALA WALA cafe and bar), Thursdays and Saturdays - The UnXpected (WALA WALA cafe and bar), Wednesdays and Fridays - The UnXpected (BALACLAVA), Sundays - Dragonfly @ St James powerstation - The Ang Moh Pais.>

He has had experience playing around the club circuit as well as sessioning for a number of notable bands and international artistes such as KIKO LOUREIRO from the Brazilian Progressive Metal Band "ANGRA", EMIL CHAU (Zhou Huajian), RICHIE JEN (Ren Xianqi), LEON LAI, SHIRLYN TAN, WENDI KOH, MELT9SNOW, HEAVEN & EARTH and one of America's top blues guitarists, EUGENE HIDEAWAY BRIDGES to name a few, appearing in a JAYCEE CHAN music video, Drummer for the local hit movie ( 881 the movie ) and the 881 band and lately appearing in the singapore speak mandarin campaign official music video with "Ngak and the ang moh pais" Brandon believes that there is a lot to learn in the world of Drumming and one should not be complacent in the Art of Drumming and rhythm, cos its boudaries are endless.

Besides playing, he is also always willing to impart his knowledge, to anyone who wants to learn and is willing to work hard. Thus, he is also a Private Drum Instructor.

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hey yah!!!

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