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Son of Bolo goes solo


Meeting David Yeung

Hong Kong martial arts movie legend Bolo Yeung is probably better known now in the west than he is in Asia. This beast from the east settled in Monterey Park over 20 years ago, but fans worldwide still remember him for his roles in 'Enter The Dragon' and 'Bloodsport'.

I want to cast Bolo, who is an old friend of mine, as Tao, the kung fu master, in our Shaolin volleyball project, 'Beach Spike!'. As it stands, negotiations are ongoing, and, given that we just moved our start date to August, it will depend on whether Yeung Sifu still has time to work with us. I hope so, and, if not, there's always next time!

Bolo's son, David, was recently in Hong Kong, and, as soon as I arrived back from New York, I arranged to meet him at one of my usual hangouts, Cafe Lavende on Prince's Terrace. In person, Bolo Yeung is very quiet and reserved, and, in person, David is even more quiet and reserved! It took all the deep reserves of charm of Elizabeth and myself to draw him out...

A former bodybuilding champion, David is now a strength trainer for MMA athletes, and was leaving for the States the following day to help prepare one of his fighters for a match. David's only film appearance to date was ín Alex Law's 'Painted Faces', the story of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and their fellow Chinese Opera students. However, he is interested in pursuing a film career and so, his schedule allowing, it would be great to see David back on-screen in 'Beach Spike!'.

If, in the end, we don't get to work with the father this time, at least I can give a chance to the son!



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Bolo Yeung was such a great villain. You always remembered his scenes in the movie. Good luck on Beach Spike.
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Andy lau spain 9a andy lau spain
Wow, he looks so much like his father!!
about 8 years ago | flag as spam
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
man, i think boon looks more like bolo than his own son does!
about 8 years ago | flag as spam
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
Like father, like son... i guess..
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