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Reel East on Youtube! : Get your kicks from some classic flicks!


Reel East brings action from the archive!

Our new Reel East Youtube site is now up and running.

We just uploaded some great 'China O'Brien' fight dailies that we found in the vault, and there's a lot more to come!

I remember 'China O'Brien' coming out in the UK in 1990, and we were all blown away to see Hong Kong fight choreography in an American film.

Its star, Cynthia Rothrock, was the first and (so far!) only white woman to become a bona fide star in Chinese films, given that she had a unique background in traditional kung fu. Richard Norton was a student of my stepfather, Tino Ceberano, and he's still in amazing shape today. He just started work choreographing the new Mad Max movie, 'Fury Road'.

The third lead was Keith Cooke, who I thought would be the biggest star of the three, but who somehow vanished from the scene! I remember hanging out with him when he was shooting 'King of the Kickboxers' in Thailand; Corey Yuen shot this amazing introductory fight for his character.

We'll be uploading some more pasts from the blast, so link to our Reel East Youtube Channel and check it out!


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
i remember her stuff! only saw a little bit of it tho.
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Photo 127207
Jay Lee says :
Kickass channel.... subscribed!
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Photo 23318
yeah, Keith Cooke Hirabayashi, one of the best wushu players ever from the US soil. Cool video, i love this type of footage. interesting to see how Cynthia had some great timing, reach and snap for her kicks but yet looks so awkward when in the 'ready stance' ;) (and her screams AIYAAAA were not good either!)
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