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reaction video funnies

now, according the dates on youtube, the famous '2 girls 1 cup' video came out around a year and a half ago - ample time to forget its grotesque nature and commentary on its realism. I've got to admit I wasn't too fond of the video though the reaction to it was phenomenal. Everyone seemed to have seem it and past it on just so they could get reaction videos of their friends gagging in discomfort. I guess you could call it new art - the reaction to something rather than the physical visual presents of particular object.
So why do I bring this up? I get a laugh out of the reaction videos like I do with those weird Japanese game shows on youtube.
I'll show a couple reaction videos. You may or may not get the same reaction I do.

Now this Joe Rogan one is my favorite:

This next one makes all the more sense - crazy is crazy everywhere.

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yeah man, these reaction shots were GENIUS!
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Reactions of this are even better than the video itself. Can anyone direct me to the original BME Pain Olympics vid? Have not seen that one...
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ah ha!


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