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September Re-cap

Wow, it's been a whole month since I wrote anything on this site! If you didn't know, I've been held up at my day job with the Spring Festival and my weekend job, which is shooting with Paper Cranes. 09-WC-SF-poster

Welcome to Spring!Firstly about the Spring Festival, the Melody Market Magic and Movement was a rained out event. We didn't get to have our finale band to play, which was Marsala, a seven piece world fusion music band. You can check them out by searching Marsala on Youtube.Spring fair116 Make way for kids with STICKS!A week later, it was the kahuna of the Spring Festival, the StreetFair. This day was the biggest and best it's ever been. The weather was great to us and everything went smoothly (sort of). With 5 entertainment stages, a barista coffee making competition, a 1000 people parade and 120+ fete stalls, all I can say is that my legs were dead that night and the next day. When I have time in the next few weeks, I'll cut up a trailer of the day and put it up on the site. Spring fair147 Dance Sensation showing off their awesome moves in the 1000+ Extravaganza! ParadeSeptember was also a fantastic month for Paper Cranes. Santo told me of the awesome news that our work has won not one, not two, but three awards! I'll quote Dewi (Santo's fiance and Paper Cranes' producer) for the news. Firstly, the Australian Video Producers Awards:


ByDewi&Published: September 2, 2009PAPER CRANES PRODUCTIONS have been awarded 2 Australian National Awards in Melbourne last Tuesday! We won the “Best Wedding Showreel” category and also the ultimate award of the night the “Creative” award. Thank you for all the support that has been given to us. Although our business is still very young, but we feel that our clients, friends and family have been overdosing us with support! Thank you once again! You can view the winning entries on this blog here: http://weddingvideosydney.net/?page_id=136… Read More and also http://weddingvideosydney.net/?p=81The Paper Cranes team Website: www.papercranes.com.au Blog: www.weddingvideosydney.net And second, the big one of them all from the Wedding and Event Video Association (which is the Oscars of Wedding Videos apparently):


ByDewi&Published: September 23, 2009Hi guys, Sorry we haven’t blogged for a while. Things sort of been crazy with us recently trying to prepare ourself for other people’s wedding and also OUR wedding.. (yay!) But good news came at the right time. Not so long after we won 2 National awards at the AVPA Melbourne (Thanks to all who congratulate us!) we just had the news of us winning another award and this time it is International!! This competition is held by WEVA (Wedding and Event Video Association) in Orlando, USA in which we have won the silver award for wedding demo showreel. This is what you would call the Oscar version of Wedding video where hundreds of studios from all over the world come together to compete and also learn with each other. So.. bottom line is.. we’re very proud of it !!! :P It is definitely an exciting and rewarding year for us considering we’re still young and fresh, we even receive many emails and messages from strangers that come from facebook and other sources just to congratulate us for our achievements. Thank you very very much to all people who have been supporting us. Honestly it means a lot to us for obvious reasons and it is a real kick in the butt to push ourselves further and make impact to our client’s life through our passion in storytelling wedding video. Once again, thank you so much and God bless!The Paper Cranes Team Congratulations to the Paper Cranes Team (which includes myself) for being the leaders in the Australian Wedding Film Industry. Damn we're creative! So on top of all this, I caught up on watching some oldies; American Graffiti and The Conversation and also some newies; Inglorious Basterds and Up. Reviews of these films later on! Willoughby StreetFair 2009 189

First I need to hibernate from the 150,000+ crowd.

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